Best laid plans….

This evening I was going to upload some photos of the decorating so far! But 1st the camera battery was dead, then I can’t find that little bit of wire making camera speak to puter! No not that one it’s got a slightly smaller thingy than this cause this is the phone one conversation rang through the Fabcycler house, till I could see every one making those glances… The ‘you dont do housework/look after things enough’ looks…..
Any way the wall paper (found in someones Rubbish on bin day) was looking peachy. With only 1 air bubble on a very damp wall, I had felt particulary proud. Today was the first coat of a Dry Eco-paint mix (care of my local Scrap store). Tomorow there will be another.
I’ve been able to get this far with not spending on the decorating because of my tendancy to see something usefull in what people throw away and my lifetime of semi-horder tendancies. My stash of Fabrics, bits and bobs, old doors or discarded furniture are well known in the village. With only one or two chosen requests I now have a steady stream of bags full of textiles and stuff turning up at my door. This is one of the first things to nuture when you have little money. That and list writing! Because planning is every thing! Time I have, skills I can learn, Materials I can find but how do you know what those needs are, till you’ve planed with a list!

List ; to myself…
Christmas menu
Present list
Organise wires!
Find backs of envelopes for list writing


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