In the beggining……….

When the Coal-man delivered the wrong coal, little did I realize that is was to be the key to shifting a frame of mind. Not only was my home tired and cluttered it was now covered in a shroud of soot!

You live your life, immersed, working, feeding, ferrying the kids to school, shopping and paying bills. The conditions of your surroundings blend to the background of routine. Your financial worries fade to the general existence of every day. Before you know is your on the edge of a deep, dark hole called depression! This blog is one woman’s attempt to pull away from the void.

I now found the surroundings I called home was not the way I wanted to live, why had I ever put up with the situation for so long?

So yesterday came the straw to break the camels back! How am I to give the family a Christmas, to have a home not just a house? and how can I do it when the purse is empty!

I will have to rely on Craft Skills, what is lying around the house and what I can find. Hopefully the skills and ideas shown on these pages can help you to make the most of your £’s


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