A festive welcome

A festive welcome

For getting into the festive spirit you need a festive welcome. It’s the 1st step towards showing the world that you’ve started preparations, even if you have/should have, been doing it for months.
While I could tramp through the countryside for seasonal flora and fauna to make a door wreath as per any floristry site. But I’d prefer to deck the internal halls with the traditional decoratons. Making this with some garden wire and tiny scraps, pleased me no end! As I have managed to use up a quantity of scraps that I would mormaly put on my compost heap.
A collection of half inch by four inch strips are knotted on a circle of wire. Done nice and thick then wired to a second hoop of knots and finished with wire edged ribbons, fits the bill nicely. You dont even need Christmas fabrics, any fabric, any seasonal colour just match what fabric you can find or spare to your decor.
Thank god for my endless boxes of stash, yarns, ribbons, trims, lace, buttons and bits of equipment collected over years of Crafting. This almost obsessional mound has to be stored in a large shed!
As you get this Making something out of nothing habit your stash will grow too.
If you need full instructions email me or leave a comment.


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