Ideas on the back of an envelope please

Ideas on the back of an envelope please

Some get frightened off when I talk about furnishing a home using ‘Skip Diving’ or Freebies. Images of junk yard tat fill their head, instead of the sleek home they invisage.
But by being disaplined and planning the basic look and colour pallette of each room, you can turn the junk yard into a comfortable home.
I have a liking for cottagy, shabby chic style with relaxed controlled clutter. I also love those grand country/stately homes with faded grandure. Or as Mum would say “Old Money” these styles lend themselves to my freeby interiors!
Your home may be like mine, there’s damp walls, rotting floor boards, doggy electrics the list of negatives goes on and on. When you have limited or no funds to put right, it is so easy to just exist, and let it add to your depressive state.
Here is the reason why I suggest Planning, lists, and mood boards. Dont forget what you already have! your loft, sheds, and dark forgotton hidy holes, could already have everything you need.
As you collect ‘stuff’ (old curtains, bits of paint and oddments of all types) they will atomaticaly go together.
This present project, our snug, an adult retreat/lounge away from the business of the rest of the house, has taken almost a year to collect. Every visit to charity shops, scrap store and glance down the lists on your style/colour scheme will be at the front of your mind.
We have three different armchairs and a miss match of furniture at the moment. Along with walls that should really be replastered.
I, and you, will choose to look at the positives (even though I want to just see that crumbly bit in the corner and “How many colours of paint are there?)! The thick walls with slate ledges, an original fire place and the quality of Cornish light that streams thorough a south facing window.


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