Busy, Busy, Busy!

ImageThe last Craft market was tucked under my belt today. The disection of the years results will follow and the plans for 2013 are already started.

Back home and back to reality, I’ve finished my version of the mincemeat, slow stewed apples (I’ve used a mix of apples from my tree, wrinkly ones from the fruit bowl and a couple of bags of the supermarket base range) soaked dried friut and half a tub of cinnamon are mixed and in their temporary home of some re-used glass jars. Another bag of dried fruit is now soaking in orange juice for my puddings.

The snug now has a 2nd coat of paint on the feature wall. Tomorow  is planned with more wallpapering.  Made all the more difficult with having to live/use the room at the same time. So it’s one wall at a time.

Some of you have asked to see a ‘mood board’, I unfortunately don’t do those fancy interior designer jobs. An envellope/ box is filled with photos from magazines, colour and paint swatches, little bits of fabric I like the look of or love the texture. The mood board for the snug has been collected in a terraccota pot, an aged one thats been in the garder, unused, for years. A pot that has built up litchens, moss, faded bits and a deep dark patch where it sat, partialy coverd by compost. It broke when I brought it in, so it’s now a vauge memory but I still collect stuff in its memory. The collection of ‘Freebies’ and ‘finds’ was stored in the bottom drawer of a cupboard. Vintage curtains, an old throw, Fabric that was given to me because “they knew I liked fabric and wondered if I could find a use for it”

These things that are given are the best gifts of all! Some times they contain things you don’t even know how you could/will use them, so smile and give thanks gracefully. The next time the gift may be the peach of a find!


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