4 Different Wallpapers and Counting

4 different Wallpapers and counting

We hit a hic-cup yesterday! Our plaster-work should really be replaced but the level of funds make it impossible at the moment! Lining paper was our first thought and after a trip to Homebase, finding out that it was now £4 a roll. Made me feel like I felt when me gran gave me a 50p “for an ice cream” when they cost 75p!
So we pulled out the box of wallpaper, a mix of leftovers, freebies and the scrapstore finds. Not enough of any design to complete, even this little room. But after a cup of tea, a busicut and a builders style ponder, sorted the problem. A quick drawing of a room plan and a measure up (just to check it would fit) I worked out where the wall units were going.
Behind them is going a patchwork of patterns. Now who will see them? Are visitors going to pull furniture away from a wall?
Our next crisis, The green paint. I mixed up a batch of an Eden eco-friendly paint in what looked like a suitable green to go with the coppery red. Our youngest painted, while I got tea ready, rush, rush, whizzed out to an evening Craft Market. Next day dawned with a yellowy green, not olive. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good green but not for this room! So after another rummage in the paint stock (having a organise here must go on that ‘to do’ list) something more suitable was found. Thank god I’m never afraid to make a mistake and you shouldn’t be either
One wall painted and I’m only one wall to go on the papering today and eager to finish as the family are badgering me to get on with decking tour halls with festive makes.
What only a week to go!


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