Saving Christmas


With New Year done and Christmas celebrations dusted the Fabcycler household finds itself in a reflective mood!

Having made a few changes to the regular way we enjoyed the festivities, all in all it was a mixed bag. Some successful changes we will keep and other things ……….

However one resolution I have written on the 1st page of a new diary is that I must try to reuse many more things and not just the usual stuff!  Yes there’s wrapping paper and cards will be turned into more cards or gift tags (though I’m not so OCD as to reuse this years, next year) but


  • Sweet wrappers:- turned into placemats and coasters
  • Pringles tubes:- storeage for pen’s or knitting needles etc
  • Don’t limit yourself… the kitchen is benefiting too with
  • Clarified animal fat saved and used in savoury pastry
  • Citrus peel:- frozen and later candied
  • Sour milk:- turned into cottage cheese

I have, for a  long time looked at any item that could be easily destined for the rubbish bin, in a different light. Stashed and mentally noted for future use.

I am now working my way through the extensive stash in our bottom shed for old curtains to go with a stunning fabric (given as a gift by a dear friend) No doubt you will see the results at a later date.

How do you re-save your Christmas leftovers ?


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