Creating Your Inner Designer

Trying to make a mood board can be hard when you may not use a chair or table as a chair or table! It is still useful to pin-point a style or colour scheme but not picking exact furniture!

storage boxes

My first rule for my style of interior design, a basis of the thought behind every thing, is to fathom out what the function of the object you want (in the end) is! The photo show’s to me that the owner wanted flexible wall storage, in a ‘Shabby chic palate’ but with a modern twist. The normal ‘open checkbook’ answer would be to buy a collection of shelving or box units. No doubt this particular solution shown, could have come about whilst walking to work. A casual pass by a skip, or the pile left outside a wine merchant on bin day! Closely followed by a tea break struggling with paint charts and sample pots to find just the right colour.

When I worked in Graphic design I used to call it “The toilet moment” It could equally happen in the shower, bath or as your between sleep and waking up but the result is the same! The soup pot of idea’s worries, things to do and bills to pay and it pops up! A combination of inspiration and desperation to answer a problem!

So while a table could be the usual leg at each corner, what’s to stop you using a chest of drawers and a small bookshelf with a door on top?

How have you built the interior design in your home?


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